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Booming Makanan Tengkleng, Yang katanya rasanya enak banget Ada di Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Tengkleng, pertama kali aku dengar nama makanan ini aku berfikir tentang tongseng, hampir mirip dalam pengucapan, tapi ternyata saat ku tanya apa itu tengkleng ternyata beda jauh. Pada dasarnya tengkleng dan tongseng memang tidak sama. Tengkleng mirip dengan gulai, namun memiliki kuah yang lebih bening.

Hmm... ngobrolin tengkleng membuat aku jadi lapar, kuputuskan untuk mencari lewat internet, ya memang sekarang sudah jamannya serba internet, jadi aku lihat-lihat saja lewat instagram. disana ada alamat yang tidak jauh dari tempat tinggalku.

Langsung saja aku pergi menuju warungnya, karena sangat hobi dengan masakan kambing maka aku mencoba untuk memesan beberapa menu makanan olahan kambing disana. Waktu itu aku memesan Tengkleng Kambing dan Botok Otak kambing. Namanya bikin aku penasaran, jadi kuputuskan untuk mencoba.
Dari harga tidak begitu mahal, karena daging kambing sendiri bukanlah bahan makanan murah di kota. jadi harga 35rb masih sangat terjangkau untuk uku…
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Compare Table Badge ID Ghost Trapper

one of my friends can not access to the wiki site Trapper ghost, so I moved the table to compare this blog, hopefully helping you yuz.

This is compared for All ID badged.
Standard agent
The Standard agent is automatically supplied for players as part of the initial set-up.
The Standard agent badge has no attributes.
Ghost puzzler
The Ghost puzzler badge is rewarded to players that score 2650 points or above in a competitive game of Ghost Puzzlers.
Efficiency bonus
The Ghost puzzler badge gives an anti-burner (efficiency) of -1. It reduces the effect a burner attribute in your set-up has on your bait requirements with 1 bottle.
Mystic agent
The Mystic agent badge was only available for purchase during Haunted Week III 29 October – 5 November 2009. Agents could purchase this …

Regional 1, Best Setup walktrough!

To play with precision and fun we have to determine the proper setup for the alloy traps and magic circle that we have. when we started to play our Ghost Trapper would get confused with what the setup should be used precisely to catching ghosts. S-O-M 3000 armed with White Candle and you could win this game:)

in the game ghost trapper there are many regional, regional and there are locations in every totaling 4 places. alone there are 10 regional maps in Trapper ghost but recently opened 3 regional at the moment:)

in Regional 1 - Dumfries and Galloway we will start hunting ghosts at a location called castle McCloud. ghost in this place is still very weak. so you can get a lot of Experience in order to upgrade your traps.

Start hunting:
to be able to start hunting you can go to the HQ - Bars and buy some bait Jimmy's stalker 10 y.o, you will be provided with the ghost of money as much as 200 pounds Trapper. then buy 20 bottles. After that you can click the button to start the hunt let…

Traditional Trap in Ghost trappers

picture above are the various types of traditional traps in the game ghost Trapper. each trap has a statistical mistic raw and different. Traditional traps are superior to the raw larger than the other traps [trap bio, Arcane, hi tech] for other traps will be discussed in other opportunities:)

here must be many who ask, why the picture above is not the same? I was doing in order to distinguish between the traps that I have ever used, traps are not used, and traps that have not been used.
First, that there is no closed with "mask" is a trap that I have ever used before.
second, using "white mask" is a trap that is not used.
The third, which uses "dark mask" is a trap that can not be used right now.

some traps are not used is that it traps traps that are less good or too expensive so I have to "skip" to be more frugal money and can buy the next trap.
and a few traps that use "dark mask" above the trap that can not be used because the money / e…

List of my Companions

This time I show screenshots of all the Companions that I have, a little "show" how much are my Companions had the ghost trappers.

Companions have leveling, every level starting from the minimum support [lv.1] to support maximum [lv.5]. if you want to get maximum XP you must use the same Companions for a long time. with a note Companions that has assisted you to catch the ghosts succeed / not succeed as much as the 5000 ghost [improve lv.5].

each Companions have different abilities. that's the reason why in the picture above not all of them reach high levels. The following is the ability Companions include:

1. Increasing points of bonus experience.
2. Increasing ghost points of bonus money Trapper / GBP.
3. Increasing the chance to get loot.
4. Increasing the normal attractions.
5. Increasing midnight attractions.
6. Improve points of Raw Power.
7. Improve points of Mistic Power.
8. Reducing effect burner bottle.
9. Reduce time hunting.

All the above capabilities on random all the e…

My First Companions, Ghost bunny

Silence Bunny
At the time of the mission in the Loch Trool, I met a ghost named Shadow ghost, the ghost shadow I get loot named GP [ghost plasma]. I this game. plasma ghost like chicken eggs can be hatched in the incubator. but here we will incubate a ghost of our attendants on duty to help us catch the ghost of our goals. most tangible ghost helper animals.

The first companion I get is "Ghost Bunny" which I gave the name "silient bunny" that has the ability +3% Experience at level 1. and will increase 3 points every level. Companion has a maximum level of 5.

until now I continue to use it. and now has reached level 5. although I have a lot of other Companion. but I became a darling of the companion because this is the first companion that I got the ghost Trapper.

good luck for you new players, leave the comment for this blog if you want to ask of me :) thankz for reading my story, have a nice day!

My first Trap And Magic Circle in Ghost trapper

Suck-o-matic 3000Traditional Power: 10 XP required: 0 the first time we played ghost trappers, we will be equipped with a trap and a magic circle, which will be used to capture ghosts in the area called Castle McCloud. This is the first area when we play this game. is difficult for our players to collect points early 2000 XP. took 2 days for beginner players, because it will miss a lot of ghosts who were catched later.

if we talk about the traps, we will use the Suck-o-matic 3000. which has specifications as well as images. These traps will very often catch a ghost named Spooky ghost. ghost very weak in all areas of ghost Trapper, 98% guarantee you will not miss this phantom catch.

In addition to using the Trap, you will need a Magic Circle. magic circle of ghost trappers supplies will be given to you when starting to catch ghosts. when deciding to play this game. you are an agent in charge of collecting as many ghosts.

White Candle
Magic Circle
Power:5 Magic Power: 0 one element needed t…