Saturday, February 20, 2010

Regional 1, Best Setup walktrough!

To play with precision and fun we have to determine the proper setup for the alloy traps and magic circle that we have. when we started to play our Ghost Trapper would get confused with what the setup should be used precisely to catching ghosts. S-O-M 3000 armed with White Candle and you could win this game:)

in the game ghost trapper there are many regional, regional and there are locations in every totaling 4 places. alone there are 10 regional maps in Trapper ghost but recently opened 3 regional at the moment:)

in Regional 1 - Dumfries and Galloway we will start hunting ghosts at a location called castle McCloud. ghost in this place is still very weak. so you can get a lot of Experience in order to upgrade your traps.

Start hunting:
to be able to start hunting you can go to the HQ - Bars and buy some bait Jimmy's stalker 10 y.o, you will be provided with the ghost of money as much as 200 pounds Trapper. then buy 20 bottles. After that you can click the button to start the hunt lets catch a ghost. repeat over and over until your Experience continues to increase.

In a limit to how I can change the trap?

  1. At Experience reaches 300 points, you should immediately buy a punch-in-a-box with the price of £ 3,000 to replace the trap SOM 3000.
  2. At Experience reaches 600 points, you have to buy a Piper jukebox with prices £ 5000 to replace the trap Punch-in-a-box.
  3. At Experience reaches 650 points, you have to buy an Ornate Candle with price £ 1,200 to replace the magic cirle: white candles.

Experience continues to increase, if the Experience will have reached 2000 points, you can travel to Loch trool. there you can catch the ghost that is stronger and give more experience than hunting in the Castle McCloud.

4. Experience during 5000 reached Point, you have to buy silver candles at a price £ 6000 to replace the magic circle: White candle.

Experience continues to increase to reach 11,000 points. Experience during 8000 reached the point we can travel to Glenluck Abbey. but with the setup Punch-in-a-box and not yet strong silver candle for hunting there. better to hunt in Loch Experience trool to reach 11,000.

5. At Experience reaches 11,000 points, you have to buy 'Pew Pew' Purple Beams with £ 11,000 price to replace the trap Punch-in-a-box.

keep hunting using traps alloys 'Pew Pew' Purple beams and Silver candle magic circle and continue to collect and 15,000 Experience you can move into the castle McDougan.

6. At the time some 20,000 Point Experience, you have to buy a freezer at a price of £ 44,000 to replace the traps 'Pew Pew' Purple Beams.
7. At the time Experience Point Reached 30.000, you must immediately buy Red candles with £ 50,000 price to replace the Magic Circle: Silver candle.
8. By the time reached 40.000 Experience Points, you have to buy Skeleton coach with price £ 200,000 to replace the Freezer.

by following these guidelines you will not waste much time because it failed to catch a ghost in R1. good hunting and continue to play ghost Trapper:)

hunting using Skeleton Coach + Red candles are the best traps in the Regional 1. so you will get a 95% rate cacth. keep hunting until you reach 80,000 Experience to move to the regional 2 - Border.

Source : My experience and Ghost trapper wiki

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