Saturday, February 20, 2010

Traditional Trap in Ghost trappers

picture above are the various types of traditional traps in the game ghost Trapper. each trap has a statistical mistic raw and different. Traditional traps are superior to the raw larger than the other traps [trap bio, Arcane, hi tech] for other traps will be discussed in other opportunities:)

here must be many who ask, why the picture above is not the same? I was doing in order to distinguish between the traps that I have ever used, traps are not used, and traps that have not been used.
First, that there is no closed with "mask" is a trap that I have ever used before.
second, using "white mask" is a trap that is not used.
The third, which uses "dark mask" is a trap that can not be used right now.

some traps are not used is that it traps traps that are less good or too expensive so I have to "skip" to be more frugal money and can buy the next trap.
and a few traps that use "dark mask" above the trap that can not be used because the money / experience are not yet qualified to use the traps above.

now I use traps: Anti Gravity zone. Hi tech traps are my favorite trap. because the traps of this type are superior in improving the experience.

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