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Traditional Trap in Ghost trappers

picture above are the various types of traditional traps in the game ghost Trapper. each trap has a statistical mistic raw and different. Traditional traps are superior to the raw larger than the other traps [trap bio, Arcane, hi tech] for other traps will be discussed in other opportunities:)

here must be many who ask, why the picture above is not the same? I was doing in order to distinguish between the traps that I have ever used, traps are not used, and traps that have not been used.
First, that there is no closed with "mask" is a trap that I have ever used before.
second, using "white mask" is a trap that is not used.
The third, which uses "dark mask" is a trap that can not be used right now.

some traps are not used is that it traps traps that are less good or too expensive so I have to "skip" to be more frugal money and can buy the next trap.
and a few traps that use "dark mask" above the trap that can not be used because the money / experience are not yet qualified to use the traps above.

now I use traps: Anti Gravity zone. Hi tech traps are my favorite trap. because the traps of this type are superior in improving the experience.


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Compare Table Badge ID Ghost Trapper

one of my friends can not access to the wiki site Trapper ghost, so I moved the table to compare this blog, hopefully helping you yuz.

This is compared for All ID badged.
Standard agent
The Standard agent is automatically supplied for players as part of the initial set-up.
The Standard agent badge has no attributes.
Ghost puzzler
The Ghost puzzler badge is rewarded to players that score 2650 points or above in a competitive game of Ghost Puzzlers.
Efficiency bonus
The Ghost puzzler badge gives an anti-burner (efficiency) of -1. It reduces the effect a burner attribute in your set-up has on your bait requirements with 1 bottle.
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in the game ghost trapper there are many regional, regional and there are locations in every totaling 4 places. alone there are 10 regional maps in Trapper ghost but recently opened 3 regional at the moment:)

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